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“God is the master of timing. He bundles our wishes in such a manner that the moment a long-standing desire gets fulfilled, fresh desire manages to eclipse the joy.”

― Rohit Dharupta, Order of the World

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“The good times and bad times are just the temporary phases of heightened emotions. Life is about everything in between. It is about the enduring times in which good things cease to stir, and bad things fail to deter.”
― Rohit Dharupta, Order of the World


About Rohit Dharupta

Rohit Dharupta was born and raised in Shimla, where he did his schooling. He completed Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Rourkela, India. Presently working for a Global Company, Rohit lives in Montreal, Canada.

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“Ever wondered what melts like wax for the suffering of her children and hardens like granite to protect them? — The heart of a mother.”
― Rohit Dharupta, Order of the World


Order of the World

A stranger is trying to warn her of a disaster that her son can only thwart, but her problem is — Only she can see him, and her son can barely lead a normal life.

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“Selfless and unconditional. I have heard these words many times, but it did not occur to me before, that these were perhaps discovered only to describe Mother.”

― Rohit Dharupta, Third Button


“God is funny, he always maintains the scarcity in life by giving something that you don’t have but then taking away something else that you had.”
― Rohit Dharupta, Third Button


Third Button

 An ordinary boy's extraordinary journey at National Institute of Technology. A hilarious and riveting account of college life.


“The important lesson of college life is never to spare your friends from the bantering and humiliation because when it’s their turn, they won’t leave any stone unturned either.”
― Rohit Dharupta, Third Button

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“So many books, so little time.”

Frank Zappa


“Lack of information’ is the mother of speculation! And the mischievous sister of speculation is a rumor!”
― Rohit Dharupta, Third Button



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