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ORDER  (Book 2)
Disorder of the World

Two quiet years have passed since Mandira’s shocking discovery of the supernatural existence and her son Ryan’s unimaginable destiny. Normalcy encourages Mandira to rekindle her aspiration suppressed since the initial years of moving to Abbynton. An unfortunate tragedy brings her to a crossroads, forcing her again to choose between ambition and motherhood.

A deadly disorder strikes the World, causing mayhem. Rage and fear grip the Planet. Every household is in grave peril, and Mandira’s house has become a battleground. Driven by vengeance, the enemy is savage this time. The resolute mom and desolate son must shine in the face of adversity.

Can the mere mortals help fix the Disorder of World?

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ORDER (Book1)
Order of the World

What would you do if you realized one fine morning that nobody around you woke up? Well, Mandira certainly has no clue.

In the city of Abbynton, Mandira lives with her carefree husband, organized daughter, reclusive son, and mischievous dog. She is baffled by frequent encounters with a mysterious man, Jack, trying to warn her of a disaster looming on earth that her son Ryan can only thwart.

How can a protective mom trust someone only she can see making a preposterous claim about Ryan, who can barely lead a normal life?

All hell breaks loose; Mandira discovers the unknown existence and witnesses the unthinkable to the point where the lines blur between reality and delusion. What follows leaves the entire World topsy turvy, her loved ones endangered, and the life on the verge of extinction.

Emotional mom and vulnerable son must do everything to restore the order of the World.

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Third Button

"Third Button creates commotion in social media, makes readers nostalgic about their college life."-The Tribune

Aahan, a homesick boy caught up in the nostalgia of the past, is accompanied by his dad on a fun-filled journey to a distant city.
The joy of joining a premier Engineering college is short-lived but not the horror of bullying and confinement in the hostel, leading to a simmering desire for revenge on a ruthless senior.
One-sided affairs are heading nowhere, and one fateful celebration with friends has turned into a nightmare. Misery ensued.
Thanks to an act of vandalism, the future is at stake, not to mention the placement headache. Misery reloaded.
Misery is constant, and so is the infectious laughter and unending bantering with friends in every adversity.

Battling with the true meaning of success and failure, amidst the deep emotions evoked by love and hate, does Aahan finally learn the lesson of life?

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