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Rohit's work took him from Pune to Montreal, and he moved in 2015 along with his wife Richa and son Aahan. 


Rohit is fond of writing. To him, writing is like constructing a house of imagination, with the bricks being the words. As he likes to put it, "I am an engineer by profession and an author by passion. While the former ensures the means of living, the latter serves the meaning of life.”


The conception of Third Button began back in 2014 when Rohit showed few pages of casual writing to his dad, who, he thinks is his biggest fan and critic. Dad felt that writing was captivating and challenged him to finish the work as he believed that Rohit started every new project with a bang but ended with a whimper. Taking time out of the demanding job, writing on and off, it took him around five years to finally finish this project.

The driving force behind writing the story of the nostalgic college life was the desire to record and preserve the memories, as he felt that this journey was an emotional roller coaster comprising of both fun times and the tough times.


Rohit is fond of underdog stories where the protagonist faces overwhelming challenges on the way to accomplishing unexpected feats. The concept for the Order series stemmed from the idea of a child struggling to meet the societal norms of development playing a significant role in a world beyond comprehension. Halfway through writing the first book, Order of the World, the realization struck that the principal protagonist was not the underdog son, as initially thought, but his protective mom.


Rohit believes that the writer can conceive the idea and shape the characters to a point where they find their path, and then from there the story writes itself. Disorder of the World takes Mandira's family on a rollercoaster of innocent love, coping with loss, enduring mayhem, and braving vengeance.


Author Rohit gets ideas and does most of his writing while walking. If you find a guy walking in the beautiful Mont Royal Park every morning, occasionally slowing down, scribbling on his phone— that’s him.


Rohit likes to read both fiction and non-fiction, his choice being the literary classics. Some of his favorite books include Anna Karenina (Leo Tolstoy), War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy), A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens), The Jungle Book (Rudyard Kipling), The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald), To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) and Where the Crawdads Sing (Delia Owens).

Rohit considers Anna Karenina as a masterpiece. He believes that the book touches upon so many topics like love, relationships, philosophy, science, agriculture, politics, success, and failure, leaving an indelible impression of Tolstoy's skillful craftsmanship. Rohit also likes to post reviews of his favorite books on Goodreads.

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