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My Review | The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle

Updated: Mar 4

Who doesn’t know Sherlock Holmes? The greatest detective of all time. When a character of a book becomes an inspiring emblem of a profession, any introduction would be a mere formality.

The book is a collection of twelve short stories or accounts to be more precise. Each account is engaging and elevates curiosity to the extent of becoming unputdownable. Doctor Watson, the narrator, who is a friend and ex-roommate of gifted detective Sherlock Holmes, takes a keen interest in his method of solving mysteries and crimes. Sherlock is fond of Watson and likes to involve him in his work as an associate. Most of the cases begin with victims knocking at Sherlock’s door asking for help.

The highlight is the range of mysteries from all walks of life, and the exceptional talent of Sherlock Holmes ( of observation, reasoning, and research) that makes him class apart-

-Observation. He can deduce what others cannot through the appearance of people or props (for example a hat in one case).

-Reasoning. He is often able to put the pieces of the puzzle together through the narrative of the victim and can fixate on finer details of importance, that others including Watson might find trivial.

-Research. He collects data to corroborate his reasoning by examining the crime scene thoroughly for any evidence (for example foot-marks on the snow). He does not shy away from disguising himself as a drunkard( or a loafer), to either lay a trap or complete his research.

The writing style of Arthur Conan Doyle is crisp and engaging. His research can not be regarded any less than that of Sherlock Holmes, in the making of this legendary character.

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