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My Review | The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Updated: Mar 4

I have not seen the movie, so, I went in for the firsthand experience without any clue of the plot whatsoever. However, knowing about the movie was enough for me to automatically place the mental picture of DiCaprio for Gatsby and Tobey for Nick and let their performance shape in my head.

The story begins with Nick, also the narrator, and unfolds with the introduction of new characters, along the way, some of them seemingly unimportant to the plot initially. But such is the brilliance of the author that in the end, it feels like every character made a significant contribution, even the man with owl-eyed glasses in the library, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the work.

The book was like one long poem, or an abridged piece, with every sentence carefully constructed, that left me in awe of Fitzgerald’s master craftsmanship. The two events, rather the turning points (I will not ruin it for you by giving away the details), that were delivered subtly, caught me by surprise for a moment wondering if it really happened.


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